Advanced High-Performance Logging and Tracing for .NET, Java and Delphi

  • Identify and fix software bugs faster
  • Monitor and analyze applications in real-time
  • Find solutions to user-reported issues
  • Debug production systems while they run

Find out why thousands of organizations around the world choose SmartInspect to build rock-solid software applications every day.

Rich Logging & Tracing
Track messages, exceptions, objects, files, database results & more.
Flexible Log Files
Rich binary or text log files, encryption support, rotation by date & size.
Advanced Log Viewer
Includes advanced viewer for log file analysis (the SmartInspect Console).
Monitor in Real-Time
High-performance live logging via TCP or named-pipes to the Console.
Powerful Filters & Navigation
Flexible filters to quickly find critical information even in huge log files.
Watch and Monitor Resources
Track variable values, session data and other application resources.
Trace Threads and Processes
Monitor threads and processes to debug deadlocks and synchronization issues.
On-the-fly Configuration
Enable logging on-the-fly and reload configuration files automatically.

SmartInspect is an advanced .NET logging, Java logging and Delphi logging tool for debugging and monitoring software applications. It helps you identify bugs, find solutions to user-reported issues and gives you a precise picture of how your software performs in different environments. Whether you need logging in the development phase, on production systems or at customer sites, SmartInspect is the perfect choice.

  • Start building more reliable and secure software today

    The rich SmartInspect logging libraries enable you to create detailed logs of your applications. Log simple messages, variable values, errors, exceptions and any arbitrary objects you choose. Identify and fix software bugs and security issues faster and analyze your application with the advanced SmartInspect Console.

  • Monitor and analyze your applications in real-time

    Use the powerful SmartInspect Console to monitor your applications in real-time. Spot errors, race conditions and bottlenecks as they occur. The Console's advanced features make it easy to filter, search, navigate and edit your logs. Various viewers visualize your application's data and help you understand the logged information.

  • Quickly isolate and solve user-reported issues

    Use SmartInspect to identify user-reported issues during development and after deployment. Generate end-user log files to provide better solutions and workarounds to customers in record time. Additionally, SmartInspect's unique memory protocol allows for easy integration with existing exception reporting mechanisms.

  • Debug live production systems while they run

    Easily enable and change logging on production systems without requiring a restart. Configure logging destinations, log levels or even enable logging for just a single module or user. Solve problems you cannot easily reproduce, debug systems at customer sites and analyze live application behavior and performance.

  • Trace multi-threaded and distributed applications

    Debugging web applications, distributed systems and multi-threaded software has never been easier. Trace threads, user sessions and client connections and see at a glance exactly what every thread and process is doing. View logging data of distributed processes side-by-side and spot race conditions and deadlocks.

  • Benefit from unified logging for .NET, Java and Delphi

    SmartInspect comes with three unified high-performance logging libraries for .NET, Java and Delphi. All libraries share the same core set of features, making it easy to use SmartInspect in all your projects. And being implemented in the native programming language of the platforms guarantees the best compatibility possible.

.NET Logging

SmartInspect is the right choice for adding logging support to any .NET desktop application, ASP.NET server project or multi-tier database solution.

In addition to the core features available in all SmartInspect libraries, the .NET library contains additional features for ADO.NET, LINQ queries and .NET's Trace and Debug API.

Java Logging

All Java applications benefit from the unique features of SmartInspect. Identify and solve problems in your J2EE server project or cross-platform desktop application.

Always know exactly how your application behaves and what resources it uses. And if you're already using Java's built-in logging API, you can easily interface it with SmartInspect.

Delphi Logging

If you are a Delphi for Win32 or C++Builder developer, you can use SmartInspect's native Delphi library to add high-performance logging to your Windows desktop or service application.

Special database log methods and support for Delphi's RTTI make SmartInspect well suited for all kinds of Delphi projects.