“SmartInspect is a lifesaver”

Thousands of developers and teams choose SmartInspect to build rock-solid software.

“SmartInspect is a lifesaver”

"Thanks for such a great piece of software, SmartInspect. It is awesome. I debug high end multi-threaded servers and it is a lifesaver. I've been using SmartInspect for a few months now and have never had a problem with it."

"I've got it running as a universal logging system throughout most of our systems. So now when people have a problem I just load the log into SmartInspect and am able to more quickly process everything. I've even split up parts of our server into different SmartInspect Sessions so that I get a color coded stream of messages. This way I can see exactly in which part of the server the error occurs. It has saved me so much time when I've got literally minutes to fix a problem and throw it back into production."

David Lambert, Digital Matrix

“Impressive quality of the support”

"What is surprising with SmartInspect is its capacity to support advanced logging needs with ease. But it is nothing compared to the impressive quality of the support and the excellent advice that Gurock provides even in difficult scenario. I recommend this product to anybody who needs an effective logging solution."

Jacques Gonzalez, J4SOFT

“SmartInspect is a real time saver”

"SmartInspect Professional to me is a real time saver and software shops using FlexiBatch.NET are absolutely stunned how easy it is for them to check their configuration."

"SmartInspect Professional got better and better with every release and I can hardly wait for the next version to see what the smart people at Gurock Software are coming up with this time."

Detlef D. Doerscheln, 3D Components

“5 minutes after SmartInspect produced its first log file, I had the problem solved!”

"I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with SmartInspect. I had a nasty bug in one of my Windows Service programs. The service was silently aborting, even though the exact same codebase ran fine as a stand-alone application. I tried doing some logging of my own to text files, but I still could not find the problem."

"After about a week of this nonsense I purchased SmartInspect. I spent maybe 40 minutes adding SmartInspect logging throughout my code, and 5 minutes after SmartInspect produced its first log file, I had the problem solved!"

"I don't think I ever would have figured this out without SmartInspect. Thanks for a great product."

“SmartInspect is a godsend for debugging”

"SmartInspect is a godsend for debugging multi-thread and low-level code. I use it for Direct Access and it really made a difference."

Andrea Nagar, Nagarsoft

“One of the most professional product experiences I have ever seen”

"I would highly recommend this product. This company has gone from nothing to having one of the most professional product experiences I have ever seen. They have a very complete, nice-looking, and easily navigable web site; incredibly great documentation (both in general and for developers); trial versions; multiple support options (forum, knowledge base, and email); a blog; walk through samples; and an extremely well-polished user interface. I wish all companies came on to the scene with such a thorough attention to detail."

Dan Miser, Distribucon Blog

“You keep impressing me”

"I must say that you keep impressing me with your high quality in the product and in the customer relationships via the forum/blog/etc, and now this. Keep up the good work!"

Rickard Fredriksson, Sigma AB

“SmartInspect really makes a difference”

"A product might be ok on its own merits, but can become really good when there are committed developers backing it up. I think this is the case with SmartInspect and Gurock software. All the signs are there, a well designed and 'to-the-point' website, frequent updates of the product within the current version and, maybe most important of all, solid support on technical issues."

"In conclusion I can say that, although the art of logging is by now a public secret, SmartInspect really makes a difference when it comes to usability and comfort for both developers and end-users."

Gerben ten Wolde, Ten Hove ICT

“I don't think we can live without it now”

"And, we are really enjoying using SmartInspect. It's the most amazing product – I don't think we can live without it now!"

Shane Tolmie, DesignREM Ltd.

“Your products rock!”

"Your products rock! My customers probably love you more than me because I am able to debug their problems so fast. I have them trained to send the [SmartInspect] SIL log anytime they have a problem!"

“One of the best purchases I have made in regards to Delphi”

"Kind words are not enough to express my gratitude for your component/app! It is a LIFESAVER! One of the best purchases I have made in regards to Delphi."

Robert Smith

“Impressive UI”

"The guys at Gurock seemed to have spent just as much time on documenting the abilities of this product as they did building it, and it shows. The help is easy to read and helped me a lot figuring out my first steps using the product. The main UI of the product includes very easy to understand tutorials for beginners on Java, VB.NET, C# and Delphi development with their framework."

"Overall, The fully-baked abilities of SmartInspect along with the impressive UI would be near perfect, but due to the missing features mentioned here, I have to give this product an 8 out of 10, which is still whole lot of functionality in a product that starts at $229 per license."

Roy Osherove, ISerializable blog

“I continue to be impressed by the stuff that our partners produce”

"I continue to be impressed by the stuff that our Technology Partners produce. Lots of cool stuff. The tool that I want to highlight in today's Partner Spotlight is the logging tool SmartInspect from Gurock Software. [...] Nice stuff, guys."

“This product will justify the cost in a short period of time”

"SmartInspect from Gurock Software uses a mixture of old-fashioned techniques with tight Visual Studio integration to help ease the pain of debugging multithreaded applications."

"Saving a few hours over the course of a week with this product will justify the cost in a short period of time. An added benefit to this product is the ability to embed logging capabilities that can be enabled with a configuration change or by setting an option on a menu."

Paul Ferrill for DevX

“I was very impressed with SmartInspect”

"They do all the hard work of making .NET logging useful! They provide an easy way to log all .NET types and more importantly, get the logged data back in a useful way to make intelligent decisions based on it."

"Overall I was very impressed with SmartInspect. It's easy to use with almost no learning curve and the logs are presented in a useful way instead of lines of useless text. I've only scraped the surface of the log viewer here and its capabilities. I highly suggest you download a demo copy and play with it yourself."

John Spano for DevCity.NET

“A well-crafted logging tool that makes light work of instrumenting applications to include logging”

"SmartInspect is some tool. Its user interface is clean and appealing. Installation and use is very easy. Its array of logging/monitoring features (from text through structured types to images) is remarkable. Its ability to integrate into your application and log either over a network or to a file is especially useful. Well done to the boys at Gurock: this is a well-crafted logging tool that makes light work of instrumenting applications to include logging."

Craig Murphy for The Delphi Magazine

“I was impressed. Very impressed.”

"Initially, I was a little sceptical about SmartInspect. It didn't seem to offer very much over the usual Trace/Debug facilities available in Visual Studio. But then I started using the SmartInspect console. And I have to say, I was impressed. Very impressed. For the first time I could get an overview of what my multithreaded communications application was actually doing – where the asynchronous thread activations were occurring and, more importantly, when they were occurring."

Dermot Hogan for Bitewise Magazine

“This benefit alone is worth the price of the product”

"One of SmartInspect's most helpful features is its ability to isolate thread analysis. This benefit alone is worth the price of the product. Any developer who has struggled to debug an application serving hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of users simultaneously trying to debug individual threads with a standard debugger knows how challenging and tedious such a task would be. Enable SmartInspect's process flow with AutoView rules and each newly created thread can be closely monitored throughout the thread's lifespan for any anomalies."

Mike Riley for asp.netPRO

“I'm impressed with how slick this piece of software is”

"After playing with it for a while, I'm impressed with how slick this piece of software is, and especially with the depth of information that you can easily log. On the .NET side of the equation, at least, it beats the hell out of the built-in Trace and Debug classes"

Mike Gunderloy for Larkware.com