Looking for an advanced Java debugging and logging tool?

Wouldn't it be great if you could debug software on production systems or at customer sites without installing any software? Do you need to find any problems you cannot reproduce? With SmartInspect, you can! Generate rich log files or monitor live systems in real-time with our high-performance logging tool for Java.

Debug Java applications during development, on production systems or at customer sites. Up and running in minutes!

Use SmartInspect logging as the perfect supplementary tool for your Java debugger. Debug Java and JSP projects with ease – during development and after your application shipped to end-users. SmartInspect assists you even where regular debuggers fail: It is possible to easily debug distributed systems, multi-threaded applications, software on production systems and inspect software that runs on end-user machines.

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Using SmartInspect to Debug Java and JSP Applications

  • Debug Java and debug JSP applications with ease
    By integrating the SmartInspect Java library into your application and project, you are able to log exceptions and errors to log files or to the SmartInspect Console. You will always know exactly where any errors occurred – either during development or on your customer's production system.

  • Debug multi-threaded applications and distributed systems
    SmartInspect is the perfect solution for debugging web applications, distributed systems and multi-threaded software. With SmartInspect you are able to trace all threads, sessions and client connections and you will always know what the different threads and processes are doing.

  • Find and solve customer issues on production systems
    Use SmartInspect to identify and find errors and customer issues during development and after you shipped your software to end-users. Request customer log files or monitor production systems via TCP/IP to provide faster and better solutions and workarounds to users.

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