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SmartInspect's documentation and API reference is directly included in the product.

Simply select Help > SmartInspect Help in the SmartInspect Console to launch the online help.

Requirements & Updates

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Extras & Downloads

Freely distributable Console for SmartInspect customers.
Log4j Adapter (5 KB)
An adapter package to use SmartInspect with log4j.
SQLite Protocol (unsupported)
A SmartInspect SQLite protocol for Delphi by David Lambert.
Actionable reports, metrics and real-time insights.
Log4net Adapter (11 KB)
An adapter package to use SmartInspect with log4net.
PHP Library (unsupported)
An experimental SmartInspect logging library for PHP.
Resource Kit (122 KB)
Additional tools for working with SmartInspect log files.
An aspect library to use SmartInspect with PostSharp.
Python Library (unsupported)
A third-party library for Python by Michael Elsdörfer.

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