Fortress Test Management with TestRail

Integrate our test case management software with Fortress

  • Manage test cases and test suites
  • Start test runs and record test results
  • Add bug reports to Vault and link item IDs
  • Track test results, activity and progress
  • Assign tests and view time forecasts

Looking for powerful test management software that integrates with Vault? Get started with TestRail.

TestRail is our comprehensive web-based test case management software that can be integrated with Vault Pro. TestRail helps testers, developers and team leads to efficiently manage, track and coordinate software testing efforts, all from a centralized and easy to use web application.

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TestRail and Vault test management integration

TestRail integrates with Vault in many ways: easily jump to Vault's New Item form, link bug IDs to Vault and add references to test cases. Improve your testing workflow by integrating Vault with TestRail, our powerful test management software.

New Item Form

Jump to Vault's New Item form to
add items from Vault's user interface.

Jump To Cases

Link item IDs and easily jump to
Vault to view item updates and status.

Try TestRail Try TestRail FREE for 30 days or take the tour to learn more

To configure the Vault test management integration for TestRail, simply select Administration > Integration in TestRail and configure the Vault access details. Please also see the integration documentation for more details.

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