Quality Assurance Management Software for your QA Team

Knowing what to test is only the first step – you need to track test execution and document results as well. Get started with TestRail, our popular web-based QA management system.

Organize Test Cases, Test Suites, and Runs

The core of TestRail as a QA management tool is the ability to organize large sets of test cases.

Track Test Execution and Capture Results

Detailed history of past test results and effort estimates help you plan your next test runs.

Real-Time Insights, Reports & Charts

Project dashboards, email notifications & clear reports show where you are in the test cycle.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Risk

Spread work evenly across your QA team with integrated task lists. Prioritize test runs to minimize risk.

Why use TestRail for QA Management?

Quality assurance management is an important part of the software development life cycle. A regression in existing behavior or a broken new feature puts your reputation on the line. With new test cases being added in each release, the importance of using a good quality assurance system increases. Forgetting to run a test is not an option, neither is missing your schedule.

With TestRail as your QA management tool you can keep track of what has been tested by whom, which tests passed and which ones failed as well as how tests behaved in the past. You can track progress on multiple levels: from single test runs, to milestones, all the way to entire projects.

Try TestRail for free to see how it can help with your QA management.

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