Execute tests and track results that matter

Concentrate on the software tests and results that matter: easily start test runs, manage your project milestones, enter results and prioritize your tests.

Executing test runs

Start test runs for your test suites and enter results. TestRail enables you to execute multiple test runs for your suites over time to easily verify your tests against new releases. Include all your suite's test cases or just a subset and start tracking results that matter.

Milestones and iterations

TestRail lets you manage your important project milestones along with your test runs. By assigning test runs to your milestones you can easily monitor your milestone's status and activity. Enable your team to stay up-to-date on your project's progress in real-time.

Tracking test results

At the heart of TestRail you enter and track test results. TestRail makes it as fast and easy as possible to enter test results. Measure your test times, link to defects and include attachments – entering test results has never been easier.

Test plans and configurations

Execute full system tests and plan your upcoming test activities with TestRail's test plans. And the built-in configuration feature helps you verify your tests against all the platforms and operating systems that are critical to the success of your project.