Actionable reports & real-time insights

Actionable reports and powerful metrics to help you make informed decisions: track your software tests with real-time status, activity and progress reports.

Powerful reports

TestRail comes with powerful reports to help you make informed decisions about your testing projects. Whether you are interested in the status of specific test runs, in the progress of your milestones or in the activity of entire projects, TestRail comes with reports that make sense of your data.

Estimates and forecasting

TestRail's unique forecasting feature lets you track the progress based on your historical time data. Easily estimate, track and forecast completion dates, remaining effort and verified tests. And because all reports are updated in real-time, your entire team can stay updated on the progress of your projects effortlessly.

Result and case history

Tracking and preserving the history of your test cases, test results and milestones is a key feature of TestRail. Easily understand who, when and what changes were made to your data and record an audit trail of your software testing efforts.

Archive and audit

Instead of deleting completed test runs and projects, TestRail optionally allows you to archive your tests. Archived tests are protected from further modifications and enable you to audit and review past test results later, making TestRail the ideal tool for teams working on products, custom client projects as well as in regulated industries.