Fast & easy to use for a productive team

Optimized for your team's productivity: TestRail helps your team get things done with personalized to-do lists, assignable tests, email notifications and more.

Assigning tests

Easily assign individual tests or entire runs to users and ensure that every team member has a good understanding of their tasks. Assigning tests is also used to improve the workflow between team members: comment test results, enable peer reviews and retest cases as needed.

Personalized to-do lists

TestRail's powerful Todo page provides users with personalized to-do lists, advanced filtering options and a central place to execute tests. The Todo page also helps team leads to stay up-to-date on the workload of team members and to review test assignments.

Email notifications

Informing team members about new test assignments and comments is an important part of keeping testers updated on the project's status. TestRail makes this easy by automatically emailing users about changes to relevant tests and for custom subscriptions.

Users & permissions

TestRail comes with a powerful and flexible permission and role system. Want to disable certain features for users, create custom roles, limit the access to specific projects or make archived projects read-only? All this and more is possible – even on a per project and user level.