Seamless integration with your existing tools

TestRail plays nice with the tools you already use & love and integrates with bug trackers, automated testing tools, requirements and single sign-on.

Bug and defect tracker

Leverage your existing tools and benefit from TestRail's unique integration options for bug and issue trackers. Easily link results to issues, push bug reports to your tracker and look up the status of issues from TestRail. And best of all: freely customize the integration to your needs.

Automated tests and API

Functional and manual tests are a critical part of your testing efforts, but automated tests become more and more important. TestRail comes with a comprehensive HTTP-based API to help you integrate automated test results, automate TestRail and to build integrations with third-party tools.

External requirements

Easily link your test cases to externally stored requirements, user stories or specifications. TestRail makes it easy for testers to access requirements in your issue tracker, Wiki software or requirement management tool directly from your tests.

Single sign-on and authentication

Integrate TestRail with Active Directory, LDAP or any other directory or single sign-on system with our customizable authentication mechanism. Allow users to continue using their familiar Windows passwords, reuse membership roles and enforce password policies.