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Being a member of the Gurock team also means being an extension of the Idera, Inc. family. Idera, Inc.’s family of products offers a unique opportunity for our team members to experience multiple technologies, explore opportunities in diverse markets, and work alongside proven leadership in worldwide locales.

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Our products are used by thousands of great teams, both small and large.

About Us

We build popular software testing tools for QA and development teams. Many of the world's best teams and thousands of testers and developers use our products to build rock-solid software every day.

We are proud that TestRail – our web-based test management tool – has become one of the leading tools to help software teams improve their testing efforts.

And our popular logging tool SmartInspect is used by thousands of .NET, Java and Delphi developers to debug and monitor their applications during development and in production.

Gurock Software was founded in 2004 and we now have offices in Frankfurt (our HQ), Dublin, Austin & Houston. Our world-wide distributed team focuses on building and supporting powerful tools with beautiful interfaces to help software teams around the world ship super-reliable software.

Gurock is an Idera, Inc. company. Idera, Inc. is the parent company of global B2B software productivity brands whose solutions enable technical users to do more with less, faster. Idera, Inc. brands span three divisions – Database Tools, Developer Tools, and Test Management Tools – with products that are evangelized by millions of community members and more than 50,000 customers worldwide, including some of the world’s largest healthcare, financial services, retail, and technology companies. To learn more about the Idera, Inc. leadership team Go Here