Uninstall TestRail or SmartInspect

All our products use standard installation instructions and the platform's relevant installation mechanism. So it's easy to both install and uninstall our products. If you would like to uninstall TestRail or SmartInspect, we've included step by step instructions below. If you have any questions about installing or uninstalling any of our products, you can also email us at [email protected].

Uninstalling SmartInspect

SmartInspect uses a standard Windows installer. This means that you can easily uninstall SmartInspect with just a few clicks. To uninstall SmartInspect, simply choose the Windows Start menu and either search for Programs & Features, or select the same entry from the Control Panel.

You can then just right-click on the SmartInspect Professional entry and select Uninstall. Simply follow the instructions in the uninstallation wizard and once this has been completed, you have successfully uninstalled SmartInspect completely with just a few clicks. That's it!

Uninstalling TestRail

TestRail is just a web application that you can put on your Windows Server or Linux system. TestRail is just a folder in your web server's web directory. To uninstall TestRail, you can simply delete the TestRail installation files from your server. So on Windows, right-click the testrail folder and click Delete. On Linux you would likewise just delete the TestRail installation directory. That's it!

If you like you can also delete the database and the attachment/reporting directories TestRail used. We recommend making a backup of the data before deleting it, just in case you want to use TestRail again in the future.

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