Looking for a tool to find exceptions and errors in your Delphi code?

Wouldn't it be great if you could spot errors in your Delphi applications as they occur and immediately know why they happened? Are you looking for a tool that helps you trace and log errors? Introducing SmartInspect, our advanced logging and tracing tool for Delphi applications.

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SmartInspect helps you to find and solve Delphi exceptions and Delphi errors and enables you to add sophisticated Delphi exception logging and Delphi exception handling to your applications. Receive log files from end-users or production systems and solve even non-reproducible errors easily. Global exception handling, error logging and a robust integration with exception reporting tools are just a few of SmartInspect's features you don't want to miss!

Rich Logging & Tracing Track messages, errors, objects, database results & more.
Flexible Log Files Rich binary or text log files, encryption & advanced rotation.
Advanced Log ViewerIncludes advanced viewer for log analysis and monitoring.
Powerful Filters & Navigation Quickly filter & find critical information in huge log files.
Monitor in Real-Time High-performance live logging via TCP or named-pipes.
Trace Threads and ProcessesMonitor threads to debug deadlocks and sync issues.

Integrate SmartInspect logging in just 5 minutes to get started

SiAuto.Si.Connections = "file(filename=c:\\log.sil)";
SiAuto.Si.Enabled = true;
// Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions SiAuto.Main.LogMessage("Processing Order 48843"); SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Connection refused"); SiAuto.Main.LogException(e);
// Log variable values, datasets or any other object SiAuto.Main.LogInt("index", index); SiAuto.Main.LogObject("order", order); SiAuto.Main.LogDataSet("dataSet", dataSet);
SiAuto.Si.Connections = "file(filename=c:\log.sil)"
SiAuto.Si.Enabled = True
' Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions SiAuto.Main.LogMessage("Processing Order 48843") SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Connection refused") SiAuto.Main.LogException(e)
' Log variable values, datasets or any other object SiAuto.Main.LogInt("index", index) SiAuto.Main.LogObject("order", order) SiAuto.Main.LogDataSet("dataSet", dataSet)
// Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions SiAuto.main.logMessage("Processing Order 48843"); SiAuto.main.logWarning("Connection refused"); SiAuto.main.logException(e);
// Log variable values, result sets or any other object SiAuto.main.logInt("index", index); SiAuto.main.logObject("order", order); SiAuto.main.logResultSet("resultSet", resultSet);
Si.Connections := 'file(filename=c:\log.sil)';
Si.Enabled := True;
{ Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions } SiMain.LogMessage('Processing Order 48843'); SiMain.LogWarning('Connection refused'); SiMain.LogException(E);
{ Log variables value, datasets or any other object } SiMain.LogInteger('Index', Index); SiMain.LogObject('Order', Order); SiMain.LogDataSet('DataSet', DataSet);

Thousands of small and large teams use SmartInspect, including:

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Using SmartInspect to Find and Fix Delphi Exceptions

  • Log and trace Delphi exceptions, errors, call stacks and more
    By integrating the SmartInspect Delphi library into your applications, you are able to log exceptions and errors to log files or to the SmartInspect Console. You will always know exactly where the exceptions occurred and what led to those exceptions – either during development or on your customer's production system.

  • Use SmartInspect to log and handle exceptions
    Whether you use SmartInspect for your Delphi exception logging or to find access violations, abstract errors, custom raised exceptions or other errors, you will be able to provide faster and better support to customers and users by analyzing their log files. SmartInspect enables you to quickly find out what problems your users experience and which part of your code is responsible for the issues.

  • Find and solve customer issues on production systems
    Use SmartInspect to identify and find errors and customer issues during development and after you shipped your software to end-users. Request customer log files or monitor production systems via TCP/IP to provide faster and better solutions and workarounds to users.

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