SmartInspect Unicode-enabled logging for Delphi. Port your app today!

Are you porting your Delphi application to Unicode or do you experience problems with your Unicode-enabled code? No problem! Our fully Unicode-enabled logging tool SmartInspect helps you spot Unicode problems as they occur and helps you port your Delphi application to UTF-8 and Unicode.

Migrating and verifying Delphi applications and Unicode-enabled
code has never been easier! Get up and running in minutes.

SmartInspect, our advanced logging tool for Delphi applications, comes with full support for Unicode, Delphi WideStrings and UnicodeStrings. Whether you need Unicode support today or just want to be on the safe side for the future, SmartInspect is the ideal Unicode enabled logging solution for your Delphi application. SmartInspect supports you while you port your Delphi applications to Unicode by allowing you to trace, inspect and log Delphi applications, variable values and method execution at run-time or during development. Easily log and display Unicode text messages or errors, show UTF-8 encoded files and even use Unicode characters in log file names.

Rich Logging & Tracing Track messages, errors, objects, database results & more.
Flexible Log Files Rich binary or text log files, encryption & advanced rotation.
Advanced Log Viewer Includes advanced viewer for log analysis and monitoring.
Powerful Filters & Navigation Quickly filter & find critical information in huge log files.
Monitor in Real-Time High-performance live logging via TCP or named-pipes.
Trace Threads and Processes Monitor threads to debug deadlocks and sync issues.

Integrate SmartInspect logging in just 5 minutes to get started

SiAuto.Si.Connections = "file(filename=c:\\log.sil)";
SiAuto.Si.Enabled = true;
// Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions SiAuto.Main.LogMessage("Processing Order 48843"); SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Connection refused"); SiAuto.Main.LogException(e);
// Log variable values, datasets or any other object SiAuto.Main.LogInt("index", index); SiAuto.Main.LogObject("order", order); SiAuto.Main.LogDataSet("dataSet", dataSet);
SiAuto.Si.Connections = "file(filename=c:\log.sil)"
SiAuto.Si.Enabled = True
' Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions SiAuto.Main.LogMessage("Processing Order 48843") SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Connection refused") SiAuto.Main.LogException(e)
' Log variable values, datasets or any other object SiAuto.Main.LogInt("index", index) SiAuto.Main.LogObject("order", order) SiAuto.Main.LogDataSet("dataSet", dataSet)"file(filename=c:\\log.sil)");;
// Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions SiAuto.main.logMessage("Processing Order 48843"); SiAuto.main.logWarning("Connection refused"); SiAuto.main.logException(e);
// Log variable values, result sets or any other object SiAuto.main.logInt("index", index); SiAuto.main.logObject("order", order); SiAuto.main.logResultSet("resultSet", resultSet);
Si.Connections := 'file(filename=c:\log.sil)';
Si.Enabled := True;
{ Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions } SiMain.LogMessage('Processing Order 48843'); SiMain.LogWarning('Connection refused'); SiMain.LogException(E);
{ Log variables value, datasets or any other object } SiMain.LogInteger('Index', Index); SiMain.LogObject('Order', Order); SiMain.LogDataSet('DataSet', DataSet);

Thousands of small and large teams use SmartInspect, including:

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Why Use SmartInspect Logging with Unicode Support

  • Ideal choice for international applications
    SmartInspect is the ideal choice for adding Unicode enabled logging support to international Delphi applications with foreign languages and characters. Unicode support is getting more and more important today and with SmartInspect you are on the safe side for the future.

  • Log WideStrings, UTF-8 encoded files and Unicode data
    The SmartInspect Delphi library provides log routines to log WideStrings, UTF-8 (and UTF-16 / UCS2) encoded files and Unicode data. Logging a WideString variable and displaying it in the SmartInspect Console is as simple as adding a single line of code to your applications.

  • Identify and solve Unicode related problems and errors
    Use SmartInspect to identify and solve Unicode related errors, exceptions and other problems in your Delphi applications. Also use SmartInspect to trace other problems and issues and to quickly provide your customers with workarounds, fixes and solutions.

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