The High-Performance Logging Tool for .NET Apps (NLog Alternative)

Switch to an advanced high-performance .NET logging tool that comes with a powerful viewer application, log server and log protocols. Instead of just logging simple text messages with NLog, log and monitor entire objects, database results, variable values, threads and application data with SmartInspect.

Even better than NLog – introducing our powerful tracing
and logging tool SmartInspect. Get up and running in minutes!

SmartInspect, our advanced logging tool for .NET applications, is in many ways similar to NLog – but just so much more powerful and flexible. Instead of just allowing logging of textual information like NLog does, SmartInspect enables you to log objects, exceptions, images, files and much more. Additionally, SmartInspect ships with a rich and powerful viewer application to watch variable values, view graphs, trace threads and filter messages. Get started today!

Rich Logging & Tracing Track messages, errors, objects, database results & more.
Flexible Log Files Rich binary or text log files, encryption & advanced rotation.
Advanced Log Viewer Includes advanced viewer for log analysis and monitoring.
Powerful Filters & Navigation Quickly filter & find critical information in huge log files.
Monitor in Real-Time High-performance live logging via TCP or named-pipes.
Trace Threads and Processes Monitor threads to debug deadlocks and sync issues.

Integrate SmartInspect logging in just 5 minutes to get started

SiAuto.Si.Connections = "file(filename=c:\\log.sil)";
SiAuto.Si.Enabled = true;

// Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions
SiAuto.Main.LogMessage("Processing Order 48843");
SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Connection refused");

// Log variable values, datasets or any other object
SiAuto.Main.LogInt("index", index);
SiAuto.Main.LogObject("order", order);
SiAuto.Main.LogDataSet("dataSet", dataSet);
SiAuto.Si.Connections = "file(filename=c:\log.sil)"
SiAuto.Si.Enabled = True

' Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions
SiAuto.Main.LogMessage("Processing Order 48843")
SiAuto.Main.LogWarning("Connection refused")

' Log variable values, datasets or any other object
SiAuto.Main.LogInt("index", index)
SiAuto.Main.LogObject("order", order)
SiAuto.Main.LogDataSet("dataSet", dataSet)"file(filename=c:\\log.sil)");;

// Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions
SiAuto.main.logMessage("Processing Order 48843");
SiAuto.main.logWarning("Connection refused");

// Log variable values, result sets or any other object
SiAuto.main.logInt("index", index);
SiAuto.main.logObject("order", order);
SiAuto.main.logResultSet("resultSet", resultSet);
Si.Connections := 'file(filename=c:\log.sil)';
Si.Enabled := True;

{ Log simple messages, warnings and exceptions }
SiMain.LogMessage('Processing Order 48843');
SiMain.LogWarning('Connection refused');

{ Log variables value, datasets or any other object }
SiMain.LogInteger('Index', Index);
SiMain.LogObject('Order', Order);
SiMain.LogDataSet('DataSet', DataSet);

Thousands of small and large teams use SmartInspect, including:

Get started with SmartInspect in minutes
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Reasons to Use SmartInspect Instead of NLog

  • Log exceptions, objects, files, images, threads and more
    Instead of just logging text messages like you can do with NLog, you can log many different kinds of data with SmartInspect. Additionally to logging exceptions, objects, files and more, you can also trace resources, analyze call stacks, monitor threads and filter log entries with SmartInspect. And we provide you with the full source code of the SmartInspect .NET library, too.

  • Powerful and rich viewer application: SmartInspect Console
    The SmartInspect Console is a rich and powerful viewer application to analyze your log files and to monitor your applications in real-time via TCP/IP. There is no similar application available for NLog and once you have used the Console to filter messages, view resource graphs and monitor your threads, you will never want to use NLog again.

  • Friendly support, regular updates, great documentation and examples
    Do you have a question or a problem? SmartInspect licenses come with one year free support and upgrades. We are always happy to help and will answer any question within one business day. Additionally, SmartInspect ships with comprehensive and useful documentation and example projects.

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