What's New in SmartInspect 1.1

SmartInspect 1.1 contains new features and bug fixes. For this release, we focused on adding often requested features and including bug fixes to make SmartInspect more easy to use and useful.

Reset Call Stack

The new Reset Call Stack functionality makes it possible to reset the method call stack and indentation of the following log entries at any point in a log. This is useful when some LeaveMethod calls were not logged due to exceptions, for example. The Reset Call Stack log entry can be inserted manually from the Console or directly by using the corresponding library method.

New Reset Call Stack feature New Reset Call Stack feature

Open log files while in use

It is now possible to open and copy log files that are being used by a SmartInspect library. This makes it possible to view log files in the SmartInspect Console even while the monitored application is still running and writing to the log file. This is an often requested feature for monitoring production systems.

Multiple filters for views and AutoView rules

Multiple filters for views and AutoView rules are new features to allow filtering for multiple values. For example, you can now filter for more than one application name. Additionally, the filters are now case-insensitive to make it easier to work with different operating systems.

Using multiple filters in views and AutoView rules Using multiple filters in views and AutoView rules

More meta information in viewers

New meta information like item counts, image resolutions and file sizes have been added to various viewers for easier inspection of the attached data.

Meta information in viewers Meta information in viewers

AutoScroll to new processes

The new AutoScroll feature for the Process Flow toolbox makes it easier to stay up-to-date on all new Process Flow entries. This feature is especially useful for users with many processes and highly distributed systems.

Item indexes in list viewer

The list viewer contains a new tool button to show the item indexes of the listed values. These item indexes correspondent directly to array indexes and make it easier to identify the position of a selected value.

Item indexes in the list viewer Item indexes in the list viewer

Official Support for Delphi 2005 Update 3

Although the SmartInspect 1.0 libraries worked without a problem with Delphi 2005 Update 3, the SmartInspect 1.1 release is the first version specifically tested for the new Delphi version. The library binaries for Delphi 2005 are now compiled with Update 3, too.

Bug fixes and smaller changes

  • Numbers are not expressed as hex values anymore for easier reading
  • To see hex values for numbers now, new library methods have been added
  • Fixed LogMemoryStatistic in the Delphi library; the values are saved correctly now
  • Improved backup file handling in all libraries
  • Besides filters, the AutoView rules triggers are now case-insensitive, too
  • Increased performance of viewers
  • Fixed two docking bugs related to loading and resetting the docking layout
  • HTML files generated with the export feature display the same in Internet Explorer and Mozilla now
  • Fixed a bug where the contents of the toolboxes were not refreshed correctly under some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where the categories toolbox 'forgot' the active view when a view was edited
  • The active view is now selected in the categories toolbox when the Console starts
  • When the timestamp format is changed, the Process Flow and Details toolboxes use the new format immediately now
  • Fixed a rarely occurring docking related access violation in the web viewer
  • Updating from the trial edition to the full SmartInspect Professional version works flawlessly now
  • Window position is now correctly saved when the Console is closed maximized
  • The Console is now restored on the correct screen on a multi-monitor setup
  • Reset Toolboxes restores the Lock Toolbox menu item correctly in all cases now
  • Updated logos in the Console and documentation to conform to the new product design and slogan