What's New in SmartInspect 1.4

SmartInspect 1.4.3

This maintenance release fixes a bug in the .NET library that prevented inheriting from the SmartInspect Session class. Additionally, SmartInspect now supports Borland JBuilder 2007.

SmartInspect 1.4.2

This minor update introduces support for backward search in the Find dialog and adds visual feedback for the Ignore Packets command with a yellow icon in the status bar.

SmartInspect 1.4.1

The SmartInspect 1.4.1 maintenance release fixes a bug in the View filters which caused the SmartInspect Console to handle filter values with white spaces incorrectly. Additionally this release introduces support for Eclipse 3.2 (IDE integration and code templates).

SmartInspect 1.4.0

The major new features of this new SmartInspect version include complete configuration file support in the SmartInspect libraries, a new Configuration Builder tool which assists in creating configuration files and a new Tasks toolbox in the SmartInspect Console.

Tasks toolbox

The new Tasks toolbox in the SmartInspect Console offers some shortcuts to often used features such as loading recent log files or searching the current log and provides fast access to the Getting Started help topics and example projects:

Tasks toolbox of the SmartInspect Console Tasks toolbox of the SmartInspect Console

Configuration files

Starting with this release, the SmartInspect libraries fully support loading their configuration from a file at runtime. In addition to loading the connections string like it was already possible in earlier SmartInspect versions, the SmartInspect libraries can now also load other properties like the log level, enabled status or the application name. A typical configuration file looks like:

; Set the connections string and enable logging
connections = file(filename="c:\log.sil")
enabled = true
; Set the properties which affect the log level level = verbose defaultlevel = message
; And finally set the application name appname = client

Loading such a configuration file at runtime is done by adding only a single line of code to your application. An example using the SmartInspect .NET library and the C# language looks like this:


Configuration Builder

The SmartInspect Configuration Builder is a new tool which assists in creating and editing library configuration files. Similar to the Connections Builder which managed connections files in earlier SmartInspect versions, it allows you to build an entire library configuration file by just selecting the desired options and adding the logging destinations:

SmartInspect Configuration Builder The SmartInspect Configuration Builder

Bug fixes and smaller changes

  • Added new help topics on log levels, filtering, code templates and configuration files
  • TCP server port can now be passed as a command line switch to the Console
  • Added a few example log files to the examples\logs directory
  • Moved the SmartInspect Delphi library into a single file (SmartInspect.pas), the other files are still provided as empty units for backwards compatibility
  • The LoadConnections method uses the error event for all error reporting now
  • Setup now disables the ESmartInspectError exception type in Delphi 6 and Delphi 7 again
  • Setup adds a shortcut for .sic files (library configuration files)
  • The library connections string now supports quotes around values to allow specifying commas and parentheses in directories and filenames
  • Added LogDataSet IsEmpty workaround for TIBQuery class to the SmartInspect Delphi library
  • The timestamp of a log message is now calculated while creating the object and not in the write process anymore
  • Fixed a memory leak in the LogObject method of the SmartInspect Delphi library
  • Support for Borland Developer Studio 2006 Update 2
  • Fixed Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End behavior in views