What's New in SmartInspect 2.1

SmartInspect 2.1.1

This maintenance releases fixes a drawing related bug in the SmartInspect Console. Log messages sent from Delphi 6 applications could result in being displayed with the wrong foreground color under some circumstances. No other changes were made in this release.

SmartInspect 2.1.0

SmartInspect 2.1.0 is mainly a bug fix and maintenance release. Only few new features have been added. SmartInspect users are encouraged to update to the new version. Registered users can download the update on the My Gurock.com customer portal.

All changes at a glance

The following list displays all changes of the SmartInspect v2.1 release at a glance. The changes are divided into multiple sections (libraries, Console and so on) for easier identification.


  • Added: Full support for CodeGear Delphi 2007 including project files, pre-compiled binaries, live templates, IDE integration etc.
  • Added: Marker color constants (Delphi only; mcTransparent, mcColor1..mcColor12)
  • Added: New AddSession overload for the SmartInspect class which saves an existing (probably custom) session for session tracking
  • Fixed: Protocol/connection related memory leak (Delphi only)
  • Fixed: Sessions could result in being tracked by the session tracking functionality although they were not supposed to (when manually updating the name of a session)


  • Added: Clone View action has been added to the view page control menu
  • Added: Details, Watches and Process Flow toolboxes now remember their state (column widths, active tab)
  • Added: Setup for Redistributable Console now includes the Configuration Builder tool
  • Added: Find, view, marker and AutoView rules dialogs now check for invalid regular expressions
  • Changed: Regular expression engine is now Perl compatible
  • Changed: The selected tab of the Watches toolbox is not updated anymore when currently not in view (performance improvement)
  • Changed: Strings in views and the details toolbox now have a maximal length
  • Changed: Trial period is now limited to 30 days again
  • Changed: Trial edition can now be extended with an extension key
  • Fixed: If the current project is set to <None>, then the delete project dialog now selects the first real project
  • Fixed: Unicode control characters are now correctly removed in views and the details toolbox
  • Fixed: Foreground color is now calculated correctly in views when using system colors as session background color
  • Fixed: Session background colors are now correctly displayed in HTML export when using systems colors
  • Fixed: Input behavior of integer combo boxes regarding Cut, Copy and Paste actions is now as expected
  • Fixed: Title Viewer now correctly encodes strings as UTF-8 data before saving
  • Fixed: The Watches Graph toolbox now uses the correct system colors in the entry list
  • Fixed: Help panels (e.g. in Edit View) now use the correct system color
  • Fixed: A possible Access Violation when specifying invalid regular expressions has been removed


  • Added: Integrated new regular expression topic with links to tutorials and references
  • Fixed: Online help and API documentations are now merged into a single document again