What's New in SmartInspect 2.2

SmartInspect 2.2.1

This release adds some minor API enhancements to the SmartInspect libraries intended for use by the SmartInspect SDK. The SmartInspect SDK is a small library for reading SmartInspect binary log files and is available for download in the SmartInspect resource section.

SmartInspect 2.2.0

This release introduces high-resolution timestamps in both the SmartInspect Console and the SmartInspect libraries. High-resolution timestamps can provide a microsecond resolution. Conversely, standard timestamps normally have a maximum resolution of 10-55 milliseconds (depending on the Windows version). Note that this feature is a developer-only feature, i.e. it is only intended to be used on development machines and not on production systems. Please refer to the High-Resolution Timestamps topic under Working with SmartInspect in the SmartInspect manual to read why.

High-resolution timestamps in the SmartInspect Console High-resolution timestamps in the SmartInspect Console

Other changes

  • Added: The file protocol now provides a protected GetStream method which can be used by custom protocol implementers for wrapping the underlying file stream into a filter stream. Possible uses for this feature include adding a custom log file protocol for encrypting or compressing the log data.
  • Added: Command line option for the SmartInspect Console to start minimized