Installation requirements

TestRail is a web application that is installed directly on your web or application server. It uses a database (SQL Server or MySQL) and a NoSQL database (Cassandra) to store the application data. Please see below for the exact server requirements and supported versions.

info Please note: As of TestRail 7.0, PHP 7.2.x is no longer supported.


Windows Server

  • Operating System: Windows Server, 2012/2012 R2, 2016, or 2019
  • Database: 2012, 2014, 2016 with Mixed Mode Authentication, 2017, or 2019 and Cassandra 3.11. (MySQL is not supported in a Windows environment)
  • Web server: IIS with FastCGI / PHP integration
  • PHP: 7.3 or 7.4 (with curl, mbstring, zip, json and sqlsrv/mysql extensions)
  • ionCube PHP Loader extension (learn more)
  • Cassandra PHP driver extension (learn more)

Unix/Linux Server

  • Operating System: We test TestRail with various Linux distributions, but any standard Unix-based server operating system with Apache, MySQL, Cassandra 3.11, and PHP support will work. We recommend Ubuntu Server LTS versions.
  • Database: MySQL 5.7, 8.0 or MariaDB 10.1 or later
  • Web server: Apache with mod_php or equivalent
  • PHP: 7.3 – 7.4 (with curl, mbstring, zip, json and mysql extensions)
  • ionCube PHP Loader extension (learn more)
  • Cassandra PHP driver extension (learn more)

Web browsers

  • Microsoft Edge (recent versions)
  • Firefox (recent versions)
  • Chrome, Safari, Webkit (recent versions)

Hardware requirements

We recommend adhering to the following list of requirements as a minimum starting point for your TestRail Server installation:

  • CPU & Cores: reasonable modern CPU with multiple cores
  • Memory: 4GB+ (Linux) or 6GB+ (Windows Server)
  • Disk/IO performance: server-grade disk/IO sub system recommended
  • Disk space: 200MB+ per user, in addition to system space. (e.g. 20-40GB+ for overall machine)
  • Virtualization supported: Yes, with server-grade VM product.

Check out our optimization tips for large installations. 

If you’re looking for information on upgrading TestRail, please check out this guide.