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Upgrading TestRail

This topic explains how to upgrade an existing TestRail installation to a new version. Please follow these steps to upgrade your TestRail installation. Please note, as of TestRail 5.7, PHP 7.0.x is no longer supported. You can learn how to upgrade PHP here.


It is strongly recommended to make a backup of your TestRail installation files and TestRail database before upgrading to a newer version. In case there’s a problem with the upgrade, a backup is the only way to roll back the changes and revert to your previous (working) installation. We recommend making backups of your TestRail installation and database regularly, and especially before upgrading to a newer version.


Before proceeding with an upgrade to TestRail, please review the requirements documentation here. Software dependencies such as PHP and SQL can change over time, so it is important to review these requirements prior to updating your TestRail software.

Please note, as of TestRail 5.7, PHP 7.0.x is no longer supported. You can learn how to upgrade PHP here.

Replace installation files

To upgrade your TestRail installation, upload and extract the TestRail installation files to your web server and copy the files of the new TestRail version over your existing installation files. You can just replace all files, as files that are unique to your installation (e.g. the config.php file) aren’t part of the installation archive.

Please note: Some web server configurations can prevent files from being overridden while the web server is active. You might need to stop the web server before replacing TestRail’s installation files. We noticed that this happens mainly with Windows/IIS systems. If you have upgrade issues, try stopping the web server and overriding the files again.

Upgrading the database

Some, but not all, TestRail upgrades also need to upgrade the TestRail database. If a database upgrade is required, TestRail will automatically redirect you to the database upgrade screen when you access TestRail with your web browser. Only administrators can upgrade the database and all other users won’t be able to access TestRail until the database upgrade has been completed.

After completing the database upgrade (if a database upgrade was required by the new TestRail version you just installed), your updated TestRail installation is ready to use.

Upgrading the database (via command-line)

Starting with TestRail 4.2, it’s also supported to finish the upgrade via the command-line instead of stepping through the upgrade wizard with a browser. To do this, open a command prompt or terminal, go to TestRail’s installation directory and execute:

$ php run.php update