Migration: Introduction - TestRail

Migration: Introduction

If you have a lot of existing test cases in another test management system or file format such as Excel, you might want to convert those test cases to TestRail.

TestRail allows you to import test cases via a simple XML file format or directly from CSV/Excel files. We also have additional scripts to migrate more complex CSV files or files from other test management tools. You can learn more about the different options below.

Migration tools and scripts

Currently, the following migration tools and scripts exist. If you want to migrate existing test cases from a different system or format, you can also contact us to learn more about the best approach.

Tool/Script Description
CSV & Excel Import Directly import many different CSV/Excel files and formats to TestRail without having to convert or update your data. Supports flexible field & value mapping.
CSV & Excel Migration Convert existing test cases from CSV / Excel files to TestRail. This is the most flexible option for complex CSV file formats. Make sure to read the full documentation.
TestLink Migration Convert existing test cases from TestLink XML files to TestRail. We offer different scripts for different TestLink versions.
XML Import Our XML file format makes it easy to import data from many different systems. It’s also possible to export test cases from another TestRail instance to this format.


Want to contribute to existing conversion scripts or have you developed your own script or tool? We welcome any contributions and would be happy supporting you with any additional tools. You can access the full source code of the above scripts from the GitHub repository.