API: Result Fields - TestRail

API: Result Fields

Use the following API methods to request details about custom fields for test results.

API Rate Limit

Please note that the API is rate-limited on TestRail Cloud to ensure optimal performance for all users and may throttle requests. TestRail might also return a 429 Too Many Requests response, which you are expected to handle. Such a response also includes a Retry-After header indicating how many seconds to wait before you are allowed to submit the next request.

To avoid rate limits on TestRail Cloud, try using bulk API endpoints (e.g. using as add_results_for_cases instead of add_results_for case), build a time delay into your API calls, or upgrade to TestRail Enterprise Cloud.

Rate limits for TestRail Cloud are as follows:

  • 180 Requests per instance, per minute for TestRail Cloud Professional subscriptions.
  • 300 Requests per instance, per minute for TestRail Cloud Enterprise subscriptions.

No API rate limits are built into TestRail Server installations.


 Returns a list of available test result custom fields.

GET index.php?/api/v2/get_result_fields

Response content

The response includes an array of custom field definitions. Please see below for a typical response:

		"configs": [
			"context": {
				"is_global": true,
				"project_ids": null
			"id": "..",
			"options": {
				"format": "markdown",
				"has_actual": false,
				"has_expected": true,
				"is_required": false
		"description": null,
		"display_order": 1,
		"id": 5,
		"label": "Steps",
		"name": "step_results",
		"system_name": "custom_step_results",
		"type_id": 11

A custom field can have different configurations and options per project which is indicated by the configs field. To check if a custom field is applicable to a specific project (and to find out the field options for this project), the context of the field configuration must either be global (is_global) or include the ID of the project in project_ids.

Also, the following list shows the available custom field types (type_id field):

Type ID Name
1 String
2 Integer
3 Text
5 Checkbox
6 Dropdown
7 User
8 Date
9 Milestone
11 Step Results
12 Multi-select


Response codes

200 Success, the available custom fields are returned as part of the response