API: Result Fields - TestRail

API: Result Fields

Use the following API methods to request details about custom fields for test results.


 Returns a list of available test result custom fields.

GET index.php?/api/v2/get_result_fields

Response content

The response includes an array of custom field definitions. Please see below for a typical response:

		"configs": [
			"context": {
				"is_global": true,
				"project_ids": null
			"id": "..",
			"options": {
				"format": "markdown",
				"has_actual": false,
				"has_expected": true,
				"is_required": false
		"description": null,
		"display_order": 1,
		"id": 5,
		"label": "Steps",
		"name": "step_results",
		"system_name": "custom_step_results",
		"type_id": 11

A custom field can have different configurations and options per project which is indicated by the configs field. To check if a custom field is applicable to a specific project (and to find out the field options for this project), the context of the field configuration must either be global (is_global) or include the ID of the project in project_ids.

Also, the following list shows the available custom field types (type_id field):

Type ID Name
1 String
2 Integer
3 Text
5 Checkbox
6 Dropdown
7 User
8 Date
9 Milestone
11 Step Results
12 Multi-select


Response codes

Status Code Description
200 Success (the available custom fields are returned as part of the response)