API: Statuses - TestRail

API: Statuses

Use the following API methods to request details about test statuses.


 Returns a list of available test statuses.

GET index.php?/api/v2/get_statuses

Response content

The returned response includes all system and custom statuses in the following format:

		"color_bright": 12709313,
		"color_dark": 6667107,
		"color_medium": 9820525,
		"id": 1,
		"is_final": true,
		"is_system": true,
		"is_untested": false,
		"label": "Passed",
		"name": "passed"
		"color_bright": 16631751,
		"color_dark": 14250867,
		"color_medium": 15829135,
		"id": 5,
		"is_final": true,
		"is_system": true,
		"is_untested": false,
		"label": "Failed",
		"name": "failed"
		"color_bright": 13684944,
		"color_dark": 0,
		"color_medium": 10526880,
		"id": 6,
		"is_final": false,
		"is_system": false,
		"is_untested": false,
		"label": "Custom",
		"name": "custom_status1"

Each status has a unique ID, a name (system name) as well as a label (display name). The color related fields specify the different colors used for a status and are RGB colors. The following system statuses are available by default. You can add additional custom statuses under Administration > Customizations in TestRail.

ID Name
1 Passed
2 Blocked
3 Untested
4 Retest
5 Failed

Response codes

Status Code Description
200 Success (the available statuses are returned as part of the response)