Defects: Defect Plugins - TestRail

Defect Plugins

Defect plugins can be used to implement a more sophisticated bug tracker integration in addition to configuring the Defect URLs. Using a defect plugin allows you to directly push bug reports from TestRail to your bug tracker by using the API or web service of your bug tracking tool. Defect plugins also allow you to look up information about bug reports directly from TestRail, making it easy to check and follow the status and changes of reported issues.

TestRail comes with ready-to-use defect plugins for popular tools and you can build your own plugins for custom tools or not yet supported third-party systems. Please see below for how to configure and use defect plugins.

Configuring the integration

Defect plugins can be configured globally or on a per-project basis. You can also specify a global defect plugin and override it for just a few specific projects. To configure a global plugin, select Administration > Integration and select a defect plugin. To configure a plugin for a specific project, edit the project, and select the plugin on the Integration tab.

Each plugin comes with its own set of configuration parameters that must be configured in order to use the plugin. For example, many bug trackers require a login in order to submit bug reports, so you usually need to configure a username and password for the bug tracker in TestRail. When you select a plugin, all required configuration parameters are displayed in the Configuration field.

How it works

Defect plugins can support and implement two additional integration mechanisms to improve the integration with bug trackers. The first mechanism is the ability to push defects to your bug tracker from TestRail’s Add Test Result dialog. A new Push link is added next to the Defects field in the Add Test Result dialog for this purpose. This is especially convenient because a script can reuse your entered test details and the existing test case information to pre-fill all the necessary defect fields.

Once a bug report has been submitted and the resulting ID was added to the Defects field (by the defect plugin or manually), details about the bug report can be viewed in TestRail by hovering the mouse cursor over the defect ID on the test page.