References: Introduction - TestRail

References: Introduction

TestRail can be integrated with almost any web-based requirement management, user story, wiki, or document management tool to link test cases to references. After configuring the web address of your external tool within TestRail, you are able to link test cases to requirements, user stories, or documents stored in your external tool of choice.

We generally recommend linking test cases to your requirements, user stories or specification documents to make it easier for testers to learn more about the case’s context. The following sections explain how you could use the References field to your advantage. Also, see the article on how to configure the Reference URLs.

Issue & defect tracking tools

If you store your issues, feature requests, or specifications in your issue tracking tool and want to use the References field to link your test cases against that data, you can simply use the sample web addresses from the Defect URLs topic for the reference URLs. If you want to link your test cases against Wiki articles stored in your issues tracker instead, please see the next section.

Wiki software

To link your test cases against articles and feature specifications stored in your Wiki software, simply configure the address of your Wiki software for the Reference View Url field. Also, make sure to include the placeholder for the Wiki article ID or keyword.

Requirement management tools

If you are using a dedicated tool to manage your requirements, you can configure the web address of your tool to link test cases against requirements. Simply enter the web address as described above. If you are using a desktop-based requirement management tool you can still enter the IDs of your requirements, even without configuring the web addresses. You will still benefit from the increased visibility of test case and requirement relations.

Word, Excel and other tools

Even if you aren’t using a web-based tool to manage your requirements or user stories, you can still record the IDs (or names, page numbers, etc.) of the requirements for your test cases by entering them in the References field. This allows you to quickly see the requirements for test cases, even if you cannot jump to them from TestRail.