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Tools: Rally

This topic explains how to integrate TestRail with Rally.

Defect plugins

Defect plugins can be used to implement a tight bug tracker integration and TestRail comes with a ready-to-use Rally defect plugin. To configure the defect plugin, select Administration > Integration and select Rally in the Defect Plugin dropdown list. The next step is to configure all the necessary connection settings. Project-specific plugins and configuration settings can optionally be specified under Administration > Projects. Below you’ll find what the configuration settings should look like:

Use the following example URLs to configure the Defect URLs:

Rally installation
Defect View Url:<ID>/detail/defect/%id%
Defect Add Url:<ID>/detail/defect/new?fdp=true

Please make sure to replace <ID> with the ID found in your Rally instance/Project. This can be obtained by logging into Rally, selecting your project and copying the ID found in the URL bar.

You will also need your workspace name. You can find this in your Rally instance by clicking on the user icon in the top right-hand corner, then select My Settings. You will be given the below page which will provide your workspace name:

When the defect plugin has been configured, a new Push link is shown next to the Defects field in the Add Test Result dialog. Clicking the link will open a popup dialog that enables you to push a bug report to Rally without leaving TestRail.

Once the test result is added, hovering the mouse cursor over a defect ID will open a window with useful information and status details about the defect in Rally.


The Rally defect plugin was built to work with a standard Rally configuration. TestRail allows you to customize the integration to work with your own custom fields or to map users between TestRail and Rally.

Please see the following articles for details on how to customize the integration: