Create Test Runs - TestRail

Create Test Runs

After you have added a few test cases, you can start executing tests with TestRail Lite by adding a Test Run. 

Open a Jira Issue and click on the arrow next to ‘Add test case’. Select ‘Add test run’ from the dropdown menu and a new window will pop up.

Here you can specify the name of the test run. The reference(s) field is not editable in this case, since it uses the ID of Jira ticket you use to create the test run. You can also add a description to the test run.

Then select the Test suite that contains the test cases you would like to test. To learn more about Test Suites you can read here.

Once you choose the test suite, the test cases available in that suite will be displayed in the right pane.

Here you can choose individual test cases to include inside the test run, select entire sections of tests at once, or filter the different test cases by date of Creation, Priority, References (the Jira ticket ID), Section, Template, Title, or the date the test case was last Updated On.

Filter Description
Created On Filter by choosing a period of time in which your test cases were created.
Priority Choose the test cases priority (Low, Medium, High Critical) you want to use for the filter.
References Start choosing on the drop down (Is, Is Not, Contains, Does not Contain) the option that best works with your filtering preferences, add reference IDs in the second field to start filtering.
Section Select the section of test cases you want to filter.
Template Filter by test case used template.
Title Use a search term to include cases with titles matching (or excluding) the criteria.
Updated On Filter by selecting a period of time in which your test cases were recently updated.


Once you are ready with your filters you can click on Set Selection so that TestRail Lite chooses the test cases automatically. If you have already selected test cases, clicking Set Selection will replace your selection based on the current filters.

In case you already had some test cases chosen, you can click on the arrow and select Add to Selection to add the new test cases that meet the criteria to the selection. Finally, you can also remove the test cases from selection, in case you need to.

Finally click on Add and Close to create your test run and start testing.