Organizing Cases - TestRail

Organizing Cases

TestRail Lite lets you organize your test cases by grouping them in Suites and Sections. This helps you find and reuse cases so that you can add them to test runs easily.


To view and edit your test suites and sections, click on the arrow next to ‘Add test case’ and select Suites & Sections from the dropdown menu.



Here you can add different Suites and different Sections for each Suite. When you select a Suite you can also edit its name and description or delete it.

Sections can also have parent sections. Once a Suite and a Section are selected you can see the test cases that belong to that section and suite. This gives you an easier way to group, organize, and find your test cases later. You can also add a new test case from this menu.

Bulk Edit

Inside Suites and Sections you can also bulk edit the test cases. In order to do this select multiple test cases from the test case list on the right and click on Edit Selected.

Then the Bulk Edit window will pop up.

Here you can edit different fields for all test cases selected. The same changes will apply to all of the selected test cases. Remember that these changes cannot be undone (except by editing them again).