Test Results Areas - TestRail

Test Results Areas

All Results

The ALL RESULTS tab displays all the test results that have been submitted for test cases with a reference to the current issue.

Click on a test case and a View test window displays. Here you can see a results list, run the test, define the test run status and edit the test case.

Linked Bugs

You can link your test results to Jira issues (either requirements or bugs discovered during testing). All test cases with results linked to the Jira issue you are currently viewing will be displayed below the Linked Bugs tab.

If you click on the test name the View test window displays. From this view you can see the test case results list, run the test directly, add some comments, attach screenshots or other files, define the test run status and edit the test case. 

Test Cases

This view shows you a list of test cases that have the current Jira issue linked in their References field. Drop down each test case to immediately see the associated test runs across any issues and their completion status.

If you click on a test case you can edit the test case and see all its associated test runs, as well as a list of all of the historical changes to the test case with their corresponding date and time.

Test Runs

In this list you can see all test runs performed in the issue and their details. If you drop down any test run you will see general percentages and a list of related test cases. The list includes the test case names, priority, status, and the creation time.

If you click on any test case name, the Add test result window displays, where you can add a status, link the test case with issues or bugs, and add files associated with your testing.

If you click on a test run name from the list, the Test Run window displays. In this window you can see testing status percentages, a list of related test cases with the references links, and a results list.