Test Runs - TestRail

Test Runs

After adding test runs in your Jira Issues, you can find them below the TEST RUNS tab.

Select one of the test runs from the list to see the progress of the test run and , see the details, edit, or run the test cases.


Run Test Cases

There are three different ways to run the test cases and assign a status after each run from the test run view.

Pass & next button

The shortest option is pressing the Pass & next button. It assigns a PASSED status to the test case you selected in the test run and then moves you  to the next test case in the list.

Drop Up menu

From the arrow button next to “Pass & next”,  you can select  any test case status for the currently-selected test case, and move to the next test case in the test run.

Add test results options

The Run test button displays a new window, where apart from giving a status to the test case, you can add comments, link the test run to specific issues or bugs, or upload files as attachments.


In the Linked issue(s) or bug(s) box add the issue ID you want to relate with the test run. You can link many issues or bugs by adding them in a comma-separated list. The Link Jira issue gives you the ability to create a new Jira issue that will automatically be linked to your current test case (for example, a bug).

Edit Test Run

Clicking the Edit button next to the test run displays a window where you can add and remove test cases using the existing filters.

Close Test Run

In the “Edit test run” view, you have the option to Close the test run to prevent any further testing or changes to the test run. 

All closed test runs are listed in the completed test runs section in TestRail Lite reports.

Edit Test Case

At the top of the test cases list in the Test Run view, you can find the Edit test case button. It lets you edit all the test case options, including the references. This will affect all versions of the test case across all runs and issues. You can also delete the test case entirely.