Enabling TestRail's Debug Mode - TestRail

Enabling TestRail’s Debug Mode

When diagnosing issues with a TestRail installation or integrations with external tools, the Support team might ask you to enable TestRail’s debug mode to generate additional log files.

To enable TestRail’s debug mode, simply open TestRail’s config.php file in a text editor and enable the DEPLOY_DEBUG and DEPLOY_DEBUG_TASK options, as shown below:

define('DEPLOY_DEBUG', true);
define('DEPLOY_DEBUG_TASK', true);

Once you’ve enabled the debug mode, TestRail will start creating log files in the log file directory (which can usually be found in TestRail’s installation directory; the path to the log directory is also configured in the config.php file). 

Please Note: Disable the logs / the debug mode (by setting the options to false ) after providing the Support team with the log files.