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QA Metrics: A Key to Quality in Software Testing

Generate and track meaningful quality measurements  with TestRail

Testing your software is one challenge. Measuring quality and making the right decisions is another. TestRail helps you with both so that you meet your schedule and your quality guidelines.

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folderCollect and Organize Test Cases

Split your test cases into test suites. Set project milestones and assign tasks to individual testers.

timelineMeasure Progress and Success Rate

Project dashboards, clear reports, and email notifications tell you where you are in the test cycle.


done_all Track Execution and Test Results

Track the number of completed, failed, and rescheduled tests. Keep a complete history of all results.

insert_chartTake Action in the Right Areas

Reports on all levels: from single test runs, milestones, to project reports guide your decisions.

TestRail is used by leading organizations everywhere to track their quality assurance metrics.

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Why QA metrics matter:

Quality assurance metrics are important for more than one reason. First and foremost, they are decision points that lead you to take action. How effective those actions are in improving your quality level depends on the metrics you choose.

QA metrics also help you judge your productivity and efficiency over time. How many test cases are added to new release? How many tests pass in the first run, how many require a retest, and how many lead to new bug reports?

TestRail helps you keep track of those QA metrics and much more. Reports on various levels give you insights about project status, milestones, or even individual test runs. All test results and project activity is archived so that you can learn from the past, discover trends, and be better prepared with each new release cycle.

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"TestRail has allowed us to obtain consistency across the company by sharing the same tool. It serves as a platform that provides us with much better insight into the progress of the testing."
- Test Architect, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

assignment_turned_inComprehensive test management solution

Efficiently manage test cases, plans, and runs in a central place.

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done_allEasily track your test results

Execute tests and track results that matter.

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donut_smallPowerful testing reports and metrics

Create powerful reports and review actionable metrics.

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extensionSeamless integration with your existing tools

Integrate with bug/issue trackers, automated tests & more.

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supervised_user_circleIncreased productivity for your team

Increase productivity with a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

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admin_panel_settingsManaging a large team or mission-critical testing project?

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