QA Planning Doesn't Have to Be Complicated. Simplify with TestRail.

We've built TestRail to prove that there is an easier way to do quality assurance planning. Meet your quality goals and get your projects done on time.

Manage all Your Cases in One PlaceDocument test prerequisites, steps, expected results, as well as priorities and effort estimates.
Plan Test Runs and Assign Test OwnersSplit test runs into milestones. Clear responsibilities come with task lists and built-in time tracking.
Track Test Results and Project ActivityProject dashboards and progress reports keep you informed. All test activities and results are archived.
Increase Productivity and Reduce RiskAutomatically estimate workload based on past test runs and determine impact on schedule.

Leading organizations everywhere use TestRail for their quality assurance planning.

“Using TestRail improves efficiency and quality in the product life cycle.”
PUMB, a large enterprise with over 150 testers, has seen an increase in productivity while solving their top testing challenges with TestRail.

Three Practical Tips for Improving Your QA Planning:

Use priorities to schedule the critical tests first. Assign a high priority to test cases for which a failure would have a big impact on your schedule. If one of them fails, you still have room to react. You don't want a critical test to fail days before the release date when it's too late to address the issue.

Track effort spent on test runs to better predict future workload. If you enter effort estimates and use the built-in time tracking, TestRail can automatically calculate effort estimates for future test runs. This way you can plan your schedule with far greater confidence.

Use milestone progress reports to keep stakeholders in the loop. Avoid that status meetings turn into time sinks: use TestRail's project level or milestone reports to keep meetings short and to the point. With these reports you have all key metrics on one page: the number of tests that passed, failed, were rescheduled, and how many test runs are still open.

Try TestRail for free to start planning your quality assurance efforts.

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