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Discover quality assurance project management that fits your workflow.

Manage your QA projects with TestRail and your status meetings will be short and to the point. Coordinate work among testers, track test results, and complete your project on time.

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folderOrganize Test Cases, Suites, and Runs

Manage test cases, assign them to test suites, organize larger projects with milestones.

pie_chartReal-Time Insights, Reports, and Charts

Project dashboards, email notifications, and clear reports keep you and your team informed.


done_all Track Execution and Capture Results

All testing activity and results are archived. Effort estimates help you plan your next test runs.

trending_upIncrease Productivity and Reduce Risk

Prioritize test runs to minimize risk. Spread work evenly across your QA team with integrated task lists.

TestRail is used for QA project management by some of the biggest software companies.

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Why use TestRail for QA project management?

The importance of quality assurance project management increases with each release as new test cases are added to the test plan and test scenarios become more complex. A broken new feature or a regression in existing behavior puts your reputation on the line. Good QA project management helps to get your QA projects under control. Forgetting to run a test is not an option, neither is missing your schedule.

By using TestRail for your QA project management you can keep track of what has been tested by whom, which tests passed and which ones failed as well as how tests behaved in the past. You can track progress on multiple levels: from single test runs, to milestones, all the way to entire projects.

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"TestRail provides easily understandable reports and transparent testing status of the project."
- QA Analyst, Fortune 500 Automotive & Transport Company

assignment_turned_inComprehensive test management solution

Efficiently manage test cases, plans, and runs in a collaborative platform.

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done_allEasily track your test results

Execute tests and track results that matter.

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donut_smallPowerful testing reports and metrics

Create powerful reports and review actionable metrics.

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extensionSeamless integration with your existing tools

Integrate with bug/issue trackers, automated tests & more.

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supervised_user_circleIncreased productivity for your team

Increase productivity with a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

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admin_panel_settingsManaging a large team or mission-critical testing project?

TestRail Enterprise is what you are looking for! Get enterprise-level features like SSO and audit logging, plus priority support to keep your project on schedule. TestRail Enterprise is available for both cloud-based and server instances.

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