QA Testing with TestRail is the shortest path to Software Quality

Our popular web-based QA testing tool TestRail helps you navigate through all your QA testing activities from collecting test cases, scheduling test runs, all the way to tracking results.

Manage Test Cases, Suites, and RunsCollect test cases and assign them to test suites. Set milestones to keep everything organized.
Track Execution and Capture ResultsCapture test results, attach files and add comments as needed, or even link to external bug trackers.
Built-in Time Tracking and Task ListsProjected effort estimates based on past results help you spread work evenly across your QA team.
Actionable Reports & InsightsProject dashboards, email notifications & clear reports keep you and your team informed.

Leading organizations all over the world trust TestRail with their QA testing.

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QA Testing: your software quality safety net

Making sure that your software meets your desired quality level is by no means a trivial task. As the code base grows with the number of use cases, so does the number of test scenarios.

QA testing helps you measure the quality of your product. It verifies that all requirements are met and that new versions do not introduce regressions in existing functionality.

No matter which approach you take, black box, gray box, white box, functional, or non-functional testing, or any of the other QA testing methodologies, your basic job remains the same: you have to organize a growing set of test cases, you have to assign test runs to somebody to execute them, and you have to track results to know where you stand.

We've built TestRail to be flexible enough to fit your workflow no matter which QA testing methodology you use. We have customers in a wide variety of industries. Some use TestRail in smaller projects, others use it to manage hundreds of test cases. See what TestRail can do for you and try it for free.

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