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Software Quality Metrics Matter

What gets measured, gets done. Generate meaningful measurements with TestRail.

Can you tell how many tests failed in the last test run, how long it took to run them, and how likely it is that you will stay on schedule? TestRail’s reports tell you all that and more.

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assignmentActionable Reports and Real-Time Insights

Project dashboards, email notifications, and clear reports keep you and your team informed.

pie_chartMultiple Levels of Detail in All Reports

Aggregate results for projects, selected milestones, or report individual test runs.


done_all Track Test Runs and Test Results

Track the number of completed and failed tests with a detailed history of all past results.

flagMeet Your Schedule and Your Quality Goals

Team-oriented workflow. Intuitive interface with a low learning curve. Nothing to install for testers.

TestRail is used by leading organizations everywhere for their software quality metrics.

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Setting goals and tracking progress with software quality metrics

If there is one thing you can do to increase your testing efficiency, it is setting quality goals with the right set of software quality metrics to track them. Collecting and documenting test cases is a good start, but if you do not set goals it is just too easy to lose focus during the day-to-day activities. Software quality metrics help to stay on track during a testing project and measure progress.

By looking at a chart of passed and failed tests over time you can quickly judge if your quality level is increasing towards the release date or if you need to take action. To help with your planning, TestRail shows projected completion dates based on the time it took to run tests in the past.

TestRail also comes with a number of insightful built-in reports that can all operate on different levels of detail — from project status reports to milestones, and all the way to individual test runs — you always have the information you need. Try TestRail for free and take a look at the reports yourself.

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"TestRail is a great tool for test case management and also for reporting purposes. The TestRail designers already considered most of the design conditions and the future needs for a tester. You can easily communicate with the TestRail team for all your needs and they update TestRail features periodically."
- Brian Chien, Inventec Corporation/Design QA Department

assignment_turned_inComprehensive test case management

Manage you test cases, plans, and runs in a collaborative platform.

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done_allEasily track your test results

Execute tests and track results that matter.

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donut_smallPowerful testing reports and metrics

Create powerful reports and review actionable metrics.

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extensionSeamless integration with your existing tools

Integrate with bug/issue trackers, automated tests & more.

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supervised_user_circleIncreased productivity for your team

Increase productivity with a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

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admin_panel_settingsManaging a large team or mission-critical testing project?

TestRail Enterprise is what you are looking for! Get enterprise-level features like SSO and audit logging, plus priority support to keep your project on schedule. TestRail Enterprise is available for both cloud-based and server instances.

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