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TestRail supports your testing projects from start to finish

From documenting your first test case to organizing test suites with hundreds of test runs, TestRail has you covered. Track execution and capture results. Awesome reporting is built right in.

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dashboardCapture Test Cases and Manage Suites

Document test cases, expected results, and priorities. Break down projects into milestones.

linear_scaleMeasure Progress and Success Rate

See how many tests passed, failed, or were rescheduled on the project dashboard and in progress reports.


search Track Execution and Collect Results​

Track the number of completed, failed, and rescheduled tests. Keep a complete history of all results.

pie_chartTake Action in the Right Areas

From single test runs, milestones, to the project level, you have all the reports to guide your decisions.

TestRail is used by leading organizations everywhere to manage their software testing life cycle.

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The software testing life cycle – a very short introduction

Independent from any specific software development methodology, the software testing life cycle can generally be divided into a number of distinct phases: analysis and planning, developing and documenting tests, test execution, evaluating test runs and preparing the next cycle.

In the traditional “waterfall” model you would go through this cycle once, with the agile software development approach you would have a number of short test iterations during product development.

No matter which approach you take, you will need to capture your test cases, organize them, and track the results so that you know if you have reached your quality standards (or if you have fallen behind).

We designed TestRail specifically to guide you through the complete software testing life cycle. From documenting tests, managing test suites and test runs, capturing results, all the way to generating powerful reports. See for yourself and try it for free.

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"81% of surveyed organizations saw a measurable increase in productivity after switching to TestRail."
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assignment_turned_inComprehensive test management solution

Manage test cases, plans, and runs in a collaborative environment.

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done_allEasily track your test results

Execute tests and track results that matter.

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donut_smallPowerful testing reports and metrics

Create powerful reports and review actionable metrics.

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extensionSeamless integration with your existing tools

Integrate with bug/issue trackers, automated tests & more.

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supervised_user_circleIncreased productivity for your team

Increase productivity with a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

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admin_panel_settingsManaging a large team or mission-critical testing project?

TestRail Enterprise is what you are looking for! Get enterprise-level features like SSO and audit logging, plus priority support to keep your project on schedule. TestRail Enterprise is available for both cloud-based and server instances.

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