Stay in the Loop with Actionable Software Testing Reports

No progress without action. TestRail's software testing reports help you guide your QA team and make the right decisions so that you meet your schedule and your quality goals.

Actionable Reports & InsightsProject dashboards, email notifications & clear reports keep you and your team informed.
Built-in Time Tracking and Task ListsProjected effort estimates based on past results help you spread work evenly across your QA team.
Multiple Levels of Detail in all ReportsAggregate results for projects, selected milestones, or report individual test runs.
Complete History of ReportsAll test results and project activities are archived so you can reference them any time.

Leading organizations everywhere use TestRail for their software testing reports.

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Why Software Testing Reports are as important as running tests:

Because you do not want to miss running a critical test. Period. That's the reason why software testing reports are just as important as running tests. It is easier said than done with new test cases being added to your test plan in each release. Good reporting comes to the rescue.

Another point to consider is the actual information in a report. A testing report with lots of statistics, but without any actionable conclusions is not that valuable.

TestRail's software testing reporting feature has been designed to provide you with relevant information at just the right level of detail. With these reports you can make the right decisions about your project and take action.

At a glance you can see completed test runs, the number of tests that failed, and how many tests have yet to be run. You can summarize reports for projects or selected milestones and of course it is also possible to drill down to individual test runs.

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