Meet the Software Testing Tool to Manage all Your Testing Efforts

TestRail is powerful test management, test execution & results tracking, combined with QA project planning in a single, web-based application. Full integration with dozens of issue and test automation tools. Try it free!

Organize Your Test Cases & SuitesDocument test preconditions, execution steps, expected results, priorities, and effort estimates.
Assign Test Runs & Capture ResultsCapture test results, attach files and add comments as needed, or even link to external bug trackers.
See Project Status & Tester TasksTask lists and time tracking built-in. So are project status dashboards, reports, and email notifications.
Meet Your Schedule & Quality GoalsCustomize to fit your workflow. Intuitive interface, low learning curve, nothing to install for testers.

Leading organizations everywhere use TestRail as their software testing tool.

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What makes TestRail stand out among software testing tools:

TestRail provides a comprehensive solution to organize your test cases, execute tests, collect results, and coordinate testing efforts among your QA team.

With its intuitive user interface and team-oriented workflow testers will be productive right from the start. Because TestRail is a web-based testing tool, there is nothing to install for members of your testing team. This makes it really easy to try TestRail in your group and will also ensure a frictionless rollout later on should you decide to stay with it.

TestRail covers the complete testing life-cycle, from entering test cases, organizing them in test suites, assigning test runs to project milestones, running tests, capturing results, and generating reports. Project dashboards and email notifications keep you informed along the way. All activities and test results are archived so that you can reference them later and learn from past projects. See for yourself and try TestRail today!

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Get started with TestRail in minutes
and try TestRail free for 30 days!