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Enter test cases once, reuse them as often as you want with TestRail. With its intuitive web-based interface you will be ready for a new test cycle in no time!

Define Your Test Cases and Test SuitesDocument test preconditions, list steps, expected results, effort estimates, and test priorities.
Reuse Existing Test Cases as TemplatesQuickly add new tests by copying individual test cases, complete test suites, or only selected sections.
Execute Tests and Capture ResultsCollect results, add comments or attach files. You can even link to external bug tracking applications.
Monitor Progress and Success RateSee how many tests passed, failed, or were rescheduled on the project dashboard and in progress reports.

TestRail is used for test planning by leading organizations everywhere.

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How testing plan templates can improve your productivity

TestRail's built-in Copy & Move feature makes it very easy to create new test cases based on existing ones. You can set up test cases as templates and copy them into new test suites with only a few clicks. This works for individual test cases, entire test suites, or selected test suite sections.

Using test plan templates has a few more advantages beyond saving time. Templates let you standardize your test cases and ensure that they remain consistent – something that becomes more important as more people work on the project.

TestRail has a number of additional features: you can capture test results, monitor progress, generate status reports, to name a few. It even comes with built-in task lists, a system to calculate workload based on past estimates, and integrates with external bug tracking applications.

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