NEWScale up with our new Enterprise Edition

TestRail Enterprise Edition is designed to meet the needs of larger organizations with enterprise-level features and support. Like our Standard edition, it is available for installation on your own local server or choose our cloud-based/SaaS solution.

Single Sign-on 

Streamlined user management

If you’re managing a large number of user accounts, efficient and secure user registration is essential. Enterprise edition streamlines user registration and enhances security by supporting single sign-on (SSO) on-premise or in the cloud.

With TestRail SSO support, once users have logged into your existing SSO provider such as Okta or OneLogin, they’ll be logged into TestRail as well!

When you manage users through an SSO provider, simply assign them to the TestRail application, and their TestRail accounts will be created automatically. There is no need to manage users in separate places any more!

All user credentials can be created in a single Identity Management repository, and synchronised with TestRail as needed.

SSO Settings 

500% faster throughput

Our standard edition enables API calls at a rate of up to 60 requests per minute. Enterprise customers benefit from optimzed architecture that supports throughput of up to 300 requests per minute. This enables faster test framework integration and improved synchronization of tests and results.

API calls 

Enhanced security through auditing

Improve security with an audit log of changes to your TestRail instance. Auditing ensures that Enterprise customers have a complete record of all changes made to entities within their TestRail instances.

From projects to test cases, administrators can monitor and trace every change either from within TestRail or externally in their preferred monitoring solution. Easily view and filter logs, specify logging levels, and set retention policies.

Configurable backup & on-demand restore

Backup settings 

Enterprise customers using our cloud/SaaS solution can review and configure backup times or launch a full restore at the push of a button. Need to schedule your TestRail cloud backup so it takes place at a more convenient time for your team or organization?

In this new administrator feature, we’ve made it easier for you not only to specify your backup window on our cloud infrastructure; but also for you to restore your TestRail instance to the last backup, if necessary.

  • Enterprise-level service
    Our enterprise-level service option includes unlimited technical support. Get your questions answered quickly with priority email support and guaranteed response time within one business day, (Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM CST). Enterprise-level service includes remote sessions and screen sharing with senior engineering experts.
  • Pricing
    The subscription fee for TestRail Cloud Enterprise includes full access to your TestRail account, all software updates, and enterprise-level features and support. Licenses are billed monthly, or choose annual billing and get a 10% discount. Visit our Pricing page for more information.