Lightning fast and highly productive interface

All details are carefully designed
for a highly productive workflow.

Get your team working with TestRail immediately, no training required!

Coming with a lightning fast user
interface and optimized navigation.

Assigning tests and email notifications

Assign tests to users and enable collaboration with comments, attachments and feedback loops.

Automatically receive email notifications for newly assigned tests and team comments.

Personalized to-do lists

TestRail's powerful Todo page provides users with personalized to-do lists, advanced filtering options and a central place to execute tests.

The Todo page also helps team leads stay up-to-date on the workload of team members and supports efficient review of test assignments.

Your extra team member: built-in productivity features

  • Add many results at once: adding results takes just 2 clicks, whether you are verifying one or hundreds of tests at once.
  • Filters & search: search, filter, slice and dice! Easily group and find relevant test cases and filter cases for new runs and plans.
  • Reusing test cases & plans: stop copying your test cases or test plans. Easily reuse your data across milestones and releases in TestRail.
  • Bulk test case editing: need to change the priority of one test case, 20 cases, 2000 cases? No problem, bulk editing comes to the rescue.

Flexible user roles, groups, permissions and workflows

Assign user roles and permissions to users and organize your testers in groups for your optimal workflow. Fine-grained permissions ensure that every user only has the access they need.

Assign roles and permissions globally and per project – ideal for inviting customers and other stakeholders!