Execute test runs and track results that matter

  • Start test runs: easily start test runs and select test cases based on powerful filters.
  • Record results: execute your tests and record results using TestRail's modern interface.
  • Filter and group: focus on results that matter and group, filter & sort your results efficiently.

Project milestones, releases and iterations

Tracking test results

At the heart of TestRail you enter and track results for your tests. TestRail makes entering results as efficient and fast as possible for a super productive team.

Measure your test times, track versions, link to defects and include attachments – entering test results has never been easier.

Powerful test plans and configurations

Organize your test runs in plans to track results for sprints and iterations.

Easily track tests for mobile devices, browsers, OS combinations & more.

Configurations let you verify tests against any platform or environment.

Full test history, archiving and auditing options

TestRail allows you to fully archive your tests and projects upon completion. Archived tests are protected from modifications and enable you to audit and review past results with confidence.

Strong test result and history protection makes TestRail the ideal choice for teams working on products, custom client projects as well as in regulated industries.