Best-in-class JIRA integration (incl. Cloud) & dozens of other tools

Manage your tests
and capture results
Directly look up any
linked JIRA issues
Push bug reports from
TestRail to JIRA
Jump to JIRA to
work with your issues

Best-in-class JIRA add-ons for Server & Cloud

The only test management tool integrating with
any JIRA edition and version

Easily integrate with any JIRA edition and version. Link test results to issues & create JIRA bug reports from TestRail.

Look up issue details, jump to JIRA to work with bug reports and run powerful coverage reports.

JIRA Cloud
JIRA Server

Seamless integration with dozens of issue and bug trackers

Link test results to issues

Create bug reports from TestRail

Look up bugs and jump to issues

Test automation and REST API

Easily integrate your automated tests and submit test results with TestRail's powerful REST API or use the API to automate many areas of the application.

Whether you are using popular tools such as Selenium, unit testing frameworks or continuous integration (CI) systems like Jenkins: TestRail can be integrated with almost any tool.

Reference coverage and requirement integration

  • Link your test cases to external user stories, requirements or use cases.
  • Integrate with requirement management tools, agile project management and wikis.
  • Track test case & reference traceability and run detailed coverage reports.

Single sign-on and custom
app integrations

TestRail also integrates with your infrastructure such as Active Directory, LDAP or any custom authentication system for single sign-on.

Need to integrate TestRail with custom or in-house tools? Custom defect plugins and URL-based integrations make this a breeze.